Angola Magazine | How to pay the bills with only your mobile phone?
Ever wondered how you could pay bills or buy a product on the market, using only your mobile phone?
This innovative service in Angola facilitated this process. Know the advantages!
Huambo: Banco Postal's inauguration will improve the well-being of the population
The statement was made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Postal and Telegraph Company of Angola, Maria Luísa Andrade, during the opening ceremony of this banking institution, which has been operating in Luanda province since last March.
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Banco Postal’s inauguration
The presentation took place on Tuesday, March 21st, at the premises of the ISUTIC (Higher Institute of Information Technology) in Rangel, and was attended by the Minister of Finance, Archer Mangueira, the Governor of the BNA, the National Bank of Angola, Valter Filipe, shareholders and partners of Banco Postal, among other personalities from various areas of Angolan society.
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Banco Postal promotes the Second Edition of the "Postcard of the Morning"
The second edition of the "Postcard of the Morning" organized by Banco Postal took place at Hotel Sana on April 12 and featured Ashish Thakkar as keynote speaker.
Speaker Ashish Thakkar is a recognized entrepreneur, founder of Mara Group, Mara Foundation and co-founder of Atlas Mara, and seized the opportunity of this institutional meeting promoted by Banco Postal to share his reflections on "Investing in Africa".
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Postal da manhã 1st Edition, with Prof. Dr. Luís Miguel Poiares Maduro
Banco Postal held the first edition of Postal da Manhã, with the participation of Prof. Dr. Luís Miguel Poiares Maduro.

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