Human Patrimony

Human Patrimony Policies

Banco Postal believes in people and has an intrinsic ability to promote sustained growth for and through their human patrimony.

This is why we have established, for strong policy on the management and development of our human capital, based on the following:

  • To comply with all legal requirements, standards, directives and other regulations applicable to our business;
  • To assume publicly a commitment to the defence and protection of fundamental labour rights, enshrined in the General Labour Law;
  • To respect the diversity and dignity of people, preserving the individuality and privacy, eschewing the practice of discriminatory acts of any kind in the workplace and in all our relationships with stakeholders;;
  • To ensure a good relationship among all professionals of the Bank, maintaining a safe and healthy working environment, and provide conditions for optimum levels of performance and productivity;
  • To contribute to improving the quality of life of employees, providing conditions for a balance between work, health and family;
  • To encourage our professionals to surpass their perceived limits, stimulating their creativity in order to achieve self-realization, client satisfaction and the expansion of our business;
  • To promote the constant development and improvement in the technical and behavioural knowhow of our employees and provide systems to enable them to manage their personal and professional growth plan;
  • To ensure, as a priority professional growth among our people, by investing in training and knowledge development throughout their careers.

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