Huambo: Banco Postal's inauguration will improve the well-being of the population

The statement was made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Postal and Telegraph Company of Angola, Maria Luísa Andrade, during the opening ceremony of this banking institution, which has been operating in Luanda province since last week.

Luisa Andrade informed that this bank, in which the State participates through the Post Office of Angola and ENSA, envisages, by itself, the improvement of the distribution of income to the most needy population, taking into account the formalization of small businesses, access to micro- Credit and savings.

This initiative, according to the Chairman, is the main concern of the Universal Postal Union, a United Nations body responsible for centralizing postal operations worldwide, of which the Angolan company is an integral part.

She said that the materialization of the institution by the Correios de Angola and ENSA consists of the policy of insertion into the financial system of the country of people without a bank account, providing a service of quality and simplicity, in addition to bringing financial services to the most Away from urban centers.

Luísa Andrade clarified that this is an effective institution, allied to the world of technology for better customer service, providing service through kiosks Xikila Money, agencies of the Post Office of Angola, agents and merchants and mobile phone.

The Chairman has announced the expansion of Banco Postal services in the 10 municipalities in the central Huambo province and in other regions of the country.

She said that the current financial crisis facing the country requires more commitment, dedication and intelligence in the actions of public managers, with a view to finding solutions to the consequent overcoming, just as the National Post Office of Angola has been working with the elaboration Of the Master Plan for Restructuring and Profitability of the institution, approved by the Government.

Luisa Andrade clarified that such plan has as its most important objective the creation of Banco Postal, in the implementation phase, in a public-private partnership, in order to reduce the Government's efforts in the execution of the General State Budget.

Fonte: Angop

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