Mission & Vision


Banco Postal has a mission of financial and social inclusion, with the benefit of boosting the national economy. Thus the bank focuses on three main areas:

  • Inclusion and boosting the economy; placing itself at the forefront of combating social exclusion, poverty and promoting job creation. It is a bank designed to energise the national economy, promote financial inclusion and formalise commercial activity.
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and innovation with an aim to contribute to a rapid evolution of the banking system, by creating high-value products with high-quality services for its clients, and gaining a reputation for true modernity and ethics in the eyes of the public.
  • Security and confidence in the banking sector; acting with the highest standards of conduct and corporate responsibility, combining both public and private investment and building confidence in the future of the national economy.


Banco Postal aims to be a benchmark institution in Angola by being:
  • A bank with nationwide reach and an emphasis on sustained value creation.
  • Exemplary and widely recognized by society at large.
  • Focused on rigorous, consistent and balanced performance.


Our operation is guided by the following Values and Principles:
  1. Integrity
    • We work according to the highest standards of integrity in all that we do and say.
    • We do what is right - not just what is allowed.
    • We communicate openly; respecting, valuing and giving differing views.
  2. Sustainability
    • We value shareholders who put long-term success ahead of short-term gain.
    • We encourage a responsible attitude to balancing risk and return.
    • We pursue lasting performance, cultivating and investing in the best talent on the basis of merit.
  3. Client Oriented
    • We gain the trust of our clients, by putting them at the "center" of our organization and our work.
    • We add value by understanding and meeting the needs of our clients.
    • We foster mutually beneficial relationships in which the value created is distributed fairly.
  4. Innovation
    • We strive for permanent innovation to value the intellectual curiosity of our people.
    • We help our clients succeed by always seeking to help them overcome their challenges.
    • We continuously improve our processes and procedures to find new better ways to work.
  5. Discipline
    • We protect the resources of our organization by always thinking and acting as if we were owners.
    • We follow the rules and keep our promises - no excuses.
    • We achieve operational excellence by "getting it right first time".
  6. Partnership
    • Diversity in our teams generates better ideas and stronger decision-making.
    • Common goals above individual objectives create strong teamwork.
    • We work as responsible partners with our stakeholders and regulators and in the best interests of society.

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