Message from the Chairman

Welcome to Banco Postal!

More than a Bank we are an institution where culture of precision allows us to assume, with the greatest of responsibilities, the assurance of a unique financial experience for our clients.

We welcome the challenges of the present as an exceptional opportunity to create a more inclusive and, above all, a righteous future. Therefore, for us, the future happens in the simple and innovative way in which we offer financial services and products that have a significant impact for people and businesses.

Banco Postal is committed to the differentiation through diversity and inclusion that materializes in its offer of products and services, as well as in its human assets. Aware of the mission we have set ourselves, we will conduct our actions with a dignified and transparent conduct, based on solid values that allow us to contribute significantly to the growth and strengthening of the Angolan financial ecosystem.

As agents of this ecosystem, we connect people and businesses to the world in a bond strengthened every day by the most elementary characteristics of human relationships, trust. Trust in what we believe to be just and right!

We also want to differentiate ourselves by investing in technology, as well as in management processes and models that foster innovation, but above all that consolidate the guarantee of quality and excellence that we intend to build into our brand and as such leave a deep legacy to future generations.

It is indeed for you that we dedicate all our experience, knowledge and structure with the certainty and humbleness that our work will be worthy of your support and trust.

João Freire
Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors

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