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Banco Postal's mission includes not only market economy objectives, but also the contribution to the revitalization of the national economy and social inclusion.

Banco Postal is a Bank fully committed to the financial inclusion and dynamization of the Angolan economy.
Banco Postal is an institution committed to promoting financial inclusion for the development of Angolan society. It is an ethical Bank at the battle forefront of social exclusion and poverty eradication. Banco Postal is an institution which empowers the economy dynamic offering solutions that promote business development and jobs creation in Angola.

Banco Postal is a simple, reliable and safe Bank.
A Bank that gives a signal of security in the banking sector, with public and private investments, projecting an image of confidence in the future of the national economy.

Banco Postal is an efficient and effective Bank, differentiated by innovation.
A Bank that actively contributes to the Angolan banking system innovation, creating relevant products and services supported by the best technological solutions and adapted to each segment of the market. A simpler, uncomplicated Bank closer to the reality of Angolan people, companies and entrepreneurs.

See here the complete version of Banco Postal's Institutional Presentation.

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