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The Banco Postal Brand

Banco Postal is a bank that is closer, more accessible and more human. It's different because it was created for us all, to help us grow, to live in the present and to think about the future. The Banco Postal is for each and every one us.
It is a bank for anyone who wants to grow, invest in themselves, their business, who wants a sense of achievement, to build a sound foundation for happiness and to be able to celebrate each moment.
This is the symbolism of Banco Postal - the inclusion of all of us in an increasingly modern, dynamic and innovative society.

Banco Postal Symbol

Simply designed, but keeping its identity and ancestral language, the Banco Postal symbol focuses on people, freedom, independence and a full expression of happiness, with arms raised to celebrate each moment.

The tilting symbol embodies movement, evolution. An on-going urge to achieve more in the company of others.
The Banco Postal Symbol also represents the basis for the creation of an internal culture that involves all who work in it. Ready with open arms to welcome, listen to and value each stakeholder

Chromatic Territory

The role of the Banco Postal is to bring "new blood", hope, security, and quality of life to people and vitality to the social and economic development of Angola.

The Logo

It consists of the symbol and the typography.
Typography adds strength and solidity to the free and joyful design symbol, which are core values of a Bank. The design of the letter is rounded, to show flexibility and adaptability to the needs of each client.

The Signature

The Signature "It's for you" shows how unique, dedicated and at the same time inclusive and accessible Banco Postal is. This is the key message of Banco Postal. A bank created for everyone; for you. From client service, services and products to new technologies and innovations, there is a bank where everything is done for you, regardless of whether you are a private client, a company, employee or a shareholder. The answer to all Banco Postal's communication needs right there and...
It's for you!

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